Translation services
Expert translation from all major languages into English
Typesetting services to prepare your content for printing
Plagiarism check
Check the originality of your text against 90 billion academic and world wide web sources with a high level of accuracy and confidentiality
Admission essays
Our admission experts will carefully proofread your essays and statements to eliminate all language errors and edit them to improve the document quality
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Established in 2014, Pure Knowledge Solutions LLP has built a reputation for providing world-class services in the publishing, editing and proofreading industry. Over the years, we have propelled the ambitions of countless students, authors, novelists, publishers, jobseekers, and helped people effortlessly achieve life-changing goals through our editing and proofreading services. At the core of all our endeavours, is the undying commitment and passion for improving the lives of our customers and ensuring that people can capture opportunities for growth at the right time. We take immense pride in shaping the futures of people through quality output, thus encouraging development on a macro level. In addition to our reputation as a principled, focused and results-oriented service provider, we believe in a progressive, high-performance, collaborative work culture. Our workplaces are highly energetic spaces where our teams actively contribute to our corporate objectives and accomplish individual success as well. With an annual revenue of USD 2 Million in the last financial year, we most certainly are growing at a swift pace, and our business plans are gaining greater momentum day by day. The possibilities in the future, as we see it, are endless.